Alfred Métraux’ Rapa Nui stories

The Swiss ethnographer Alfred Métraux visited Rapa Nui in 1934-1935. In his ethnography(1) he published a number of stories in Rapa Nui and translation. Others were only given in translation. The original text of all stories was contained in ten notebooks, which came into the possession of the German scholar Thomas Barthel.(2) The original notebooks are now part of the Barthel Nachlass in Tübingen. They were photocopied by Stephen Fischer, who gave a copy to the Biblioteca William Mulloy on Easter Island, a copy which was subsequently scanned and made accessible digitally.
In 2008 I transcribed these notebooks and converted them into standard Rapa Nui orthography. The Métraux stories served as part of the research corpus of my Rapa Nui grammar (Language Science Press, 2017).
A full list of the stories is not included in the grammar, but can be downloaded here.

(1) Alfred Métraux, 1971. Ethnology of Easter Island (Bernice P. Bishop Museum Bulletin 160). Honolulu: Bernice P. Bishop Museum.
(2) See Steven Roger Fischer, The Métraux-Barthel correspondence (1956–1961) and the Métraux field-notes of Easter Island. Part 1, Rapa Nui Journal 22(2), 2008, 127–133; Part 2, Rapa Nui Journal 23(1), 2009, 55–64.